The Maguire Brothers

3 Irish brothers sharing their sibling rivalry and general shenanigans. Laughs, Toasts, and Fun, all mixed up with traditional Irish music.

Upcoming Events:

  • Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2018

Member Biographies:


Tommy – David Levin

David has been working at Renaissance Festivals since 1997, including KCRF (KS), OKRF (OK), STLRF (MO), Council Bluffs RF (IA),Great Plains RF (KS), Silverleaf RF (MI), Blackrock MF (MI), and County of Browne RF (WI). He began his performing career in 2001 with a small fighting role in the scenario at KCRF, which lead to a recurring role in KCRF’s Human Combat Chess Match for 5 years. He hosted the KCRF Pub Sing from ’03-’06  In 2006 David was a member of the original cast of the Bawdily Harm stage combat show at KCRF. David was a member of the Musical Blades from ’06-’13. As a member of the Blades he honed his comedy, singing, and stage presence. He met Adam in 2010, while Adam was the Dover Rover. They began singing and hanging out together from then on. When chance happened to have them both without an act at the same time, the decision was an easy one. The rest, as they say, is History.


Connor – Adam Toom

Adam began singing and playing guitar at the age of 8. By the time he was a teenager he had discovered that his talent was a good way to meet girls. He showed up at various, small, renfaires around Iowa and sang in the lanes, until 2010 when he got his first big boy gig as “The Dover Rover” at KCRF. It was during that year he met David. During his solo year he also started singing and palling around with Jeremy Groom, Ray St. Ledger, and Mark Ross. After being courted by David and the Musical Blades, Adam would decide to join up with these three hooligans to form The Beerside Scoundrels. Over the next few years, and a couple line up changes, these boys would bring their brand of dirty, raucous, fun to many faires around the Midwest. In 2013, Adam decided he needed to go a different direction. He walked away from the act (now known as Clearly Guilty) and wasn’t sure whether he was even going to perform again. That’s when he received the call from David and Shenanigans ensued!


Sean – Sean Foree

Sean was introduced to Irish music in 1988 by the now defunct trio, Maid in the Myddle. By 1991, Sean was performing as a solo act at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Over the last twenty-six years, Sean has performed with a variety of traditional Irish and English acts; and, has had the opportunity to perform from San Diego to Washington DC, Houston to Milwaukee, and even internationally in Poland. When the opportunity to re-form the Maguire Brothers with David and Adam arose, Sean jumped at the chance.

Photo Gallery:

Photos by: Rich Johnson, Christy Johnson, Marie Reist