The Medieval Medicine Show

It’s Medieval Medicine!  Are you sick enough to come to the show?  The Medieval Doctor (MD) and Renaissance Nurse (RN) will take you on a zany musical tour through the world of outdated healthcare and prove that laughter is indeed the best medicine (which is a good thing, since none of our other remedies seem to work…)

Upcoming Events:

    • Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2017

Member Biographies:


Lindsay McKenzie Young Browne has been a regular at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival since she was 4. She was seen throughout the lanes most weekends since 2000 with a different outfit every day. She was most often in the company of her enchanting parents and various friends they had costumed in their basement. She worked front gate in 2003 as Sarah Jane McKenzie where a pirate stole her heart. She married him 6 years later and is convinced he’s the primary character in Old Dun Cow. (There was Browne upside down lapping at the whiskey on the floor…. Come learn more at Beer and Bacon). She is extremely excited to trade her season pass for a performer pass and put those years of theater class and voice lessons to use! Despite her busy schedule and the time involved she was willing to join on for a box of donuts and a poke in the eye (she was pleasantly surprised to find even better things in store like passing a vintage bed pan around for tips and singing catchy original tunes about the healing powers of alcohol). She gets to play the Renaissance Nurse (RN) to a Medieval Doctor (MD) in the Medieval Medicine Show. She’s super impressed by her multi-talented stage partner who besides writing all the show material, singing, playing guitar, and also having the good taste to marry a pirate, is a real live doctor (hopefully a better one than she plays on stage). Lindsay hopes to tickle your funny bone and get your feet tapping as this dynamic duo releases all kinds of bad humor….


Manu Singh (the Medieval Doctor) has been a longtime patron and fan of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  She has been seen there most recently as a member of the group “Bubble & Squeak”, where she played accordion and sang Irish traditional tunes and songs.  Outside of the festival, she has been active in church and auditioned choirs, bell choir, and as an occasional pinch-hit pianist.  In late 2015, she began envisioning a show that combined her primary passions: music, comedy, and medicine.  Thus, the mutant hybrid that is the “Medieval Medicine Show” was born.  She considers herself so very fortunate that she managed to find a Renaissance Nurse (RN) in Lindsay McKenzie Browne, who not only threw herself into this lunacy with abandon, but is just the most charming and enthusiastic stage partner one could have hoped for.  Manu is further blessed by her fantastic rock of a husband, Sean Foree (AKA Pete the Pirate, Sean Maguire, Mr. Manu Singh), and her kids, Nathan and Sophie, who give her so much joy, laughter, and love.

Photo Gallery:

Photos by: Kurt Hanover